July 9, 2015 by Miranda
- by Rebecca TsaiThe Umbrella does more than merely showcase visual and performing arts; it also aims to build a community, a place for artists and art lovers to gather and learn from and inspire each other. It’s this sense of community that brought volunteer Jan Klein to the Umbrella. Back in 2012 while in between jobs, Klein found herself feeling “adrift.” She began... Keep Reading »
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April 29, 2015 by Laura
Article by Kiirja Paananen. Judy Siggins loves being surrounded by the arts, and she loves the energy that abounds when working with people in the arts. It is this energy that makes The Umbrella the place that nourishes her heart and soul. She loves the tremendous variety of activities that are percolating through the building on any given day."No two weeks are... Keep Reading »
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