Upcoming Exhibitions

Michio Ihara: Paper and Steel

January 12 – February 26, 2017

  • First Thursday Opening Reception - February 2, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 pm
  • ArtTalks: Making BIG Art - February 16 at 5:30 pm
  • On view in conjunction with BIG Art; Metal in Motion featuring Gillan Christy, Michio Ihara, and Murray Dewart.

Michio Ihara’s kinetic steel sculptures have been displayed internationally in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, and across the United States. A resident of Concord since the 1980’s, his sculpture “3D Chicago” has been on The Umbrella’s front lawn for several years and was the inspiration for this year’s BIG Art show, Metal in Motion.  New this year, Ihara is displaying two recent sculptures, “Cascade Sculpture 2016” and “Whorl – 2015.”

This January and February, The Umbrella is proud to present Michio Ihara: Paper and Steel, an indoor exhibition to accompany the pieces on our front lawn. Small scale steel sculptures will be complimented by dramatic red and black gouache drawings that reveal Ihara’s incredible attention to detail at both the micro and macro level. Ihara originally studied oil painting at Tokyo University of Fine Arts before studying at the Department of Architecture at MIT on a Fulbright Grant.

Then and Now: 34 Years, 55 Artists

March 2 – April 2, 2017

The Umbrella has been a haven for artists since its founding in 1983. Our 55 current resident artists, some of whom have been in the building since the very beginning, keep alive The Umbrella’s commitment to the arts through their daily creative process.  When they started, the old Emerson High School was a run-down, abandoned shell. Through their efforts, both to fix the building itself and to create their own art, what was once an eyesore is now a point of pride for the Concord Community

In recognition of over 12,400 days of artistic practice, Then and Now: 34 year, 55 artists exhibits two pieces of art from each of our participating resident artists: an example of their current work and a piece from the beginning of their career. Visit our gallery any day of the week to see the stories held in between the rich history and the inspiring current work of The Umbrella’s community of artists.