The Umbrella's twenty plus instructors are a combination of professional artists, art educators, and teachers.  Their diverse expertise and the joy they take from working with students is what makes The Umbrella's education program so strong.  

lois andersen painting instructor
Lois Andersen
Rebecca Arnoldi
Bryony Bensly Instructor Photo
Bryony Bensly
Jim Boyd teaching grandfather's workshop
Jim Boyd
Grandfather's Workshop
joy buell drawing class
Joy Buell
Drawing and Painting Instructor
Beth Dalal
Ceramics Instructor
The Umbrella Community Arts Center
Kendall Dudley
Mixed Media Instructor
Tina Forbes
Potter and Ceramics Instructor
Terry Goss
Ceramics Instructor
Alicia Herman
Suzanne Hill Ceramics
Suzanne Hill
Ceramics Instructor