Informal Concord Critiques

Every second Wednesday we invite artists to bring their artwork into the gallery space for an informal critique from 12-2pm. The critiques, moderated by The Umbrella’s Studio Arts Coordinator Miranda Aisling Hynes, are a safe and supportive way for local artists to discuss their current work.

Each artist has twenty minutes to present and receive comments on their art. The presenting artist can decide to leave the critique open ended or ask for specific feedback from their fellow artists. At the critiques, we encourage artists to show work that is still in process, part of a developing series, or part of an old series that needs new ideas.

The Informal Concord Critique has met every month since March 2016, bringing a new energy to The Umbrella’s gallery space and to the greater Concord community. As a community arts center dedicated to building a vibrant community through the arts, this new opportunity to discuss locally made artwork in a respectful, supportive atmosphere is central to what we do.