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The Umbrella Gallery features artists at all levels of their careers and includes juried, non-juried, open call and curated exhibitions throughout the year.  Resident and visiting artists as well as established artists from outside our region are represented in the ten+ shows mounted annually. Take a look at our upcoming exhibitions!

In the summer of 2014, The Umbrella Gallery underwent an exciting transformation from the gallery we knew and loved to an new open space that we have enjoyed settling in to. Over the past two years we have exhibited widely-recognized artists like Fred Becker and Dorothy "Doffie" Arnold while also showcasing our talented resident artists and our wider creative community. We welcome the community into our space with events like First Thursdays and informal critiques through The Concord Artist Network.  

In addition to our main gallery space, we also display artwork on Gallery 3, a space on the third floor of our building dedicated to displaying artwork made at The Umbrella. Our gallery program expands beyond the building with the BIG ART show on our front lawn. Make sure to visit both locations and to look through the rest of the building when you come visit!