2017 Art Ramble

About Musketaquid Art Ramble 2017:

In honor of Henry David Thoreau’s 200th birthday this exhibit encourages artists to create work that slows the viewer’s experience of the natural world. What can we learn from looking and how long does it take us to see? As a species we can now exist without stepping foot in the woods. But what happens when we do? How can makers reflect their own vision of nature to the audience in a way that reveals deeper connections, looking, and questions?

We hope to present a truly site-specific exhibit that reveals the natural and human history and unique character of the Concord Hapgood-Wright Town Forest through works that encourage contemplation, play, discovery, and participation. Installation, performance, and community art projects will be considered. Artists will have the opportunity to collaborate with each other, local naturalists, and historians to learn more about the area as well as Thoreau’s life and work as they consider final sites and details for their installations.


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