Thank You Sponsors & Partners

Artfest Supporter Thanks

The Umbrella is grateful to our Gala Committee for their creativity and leadership. Artfest is made possible through their efforts as well as the generous support of our sponsors and partners – thank you!

Gala Committee Chairs 
Ellen McHale & Gail Burr 

Gala Committee
Suzanne Broxson | Joan Freeman | Liz Gross | Julie Hagan | Mary Ellen Harney | Mary Hull | Lydia Rheinfrank | Debra Rutter | Priscilla White Sturges | Deborah Yamin

Visionary Sponsors
Gail and Matt Burr  |  Liz and Phill Gross

Champion Sponsors
Kevin Foley and Leah Flanigan  |  Joan and John Freeman  |  Gregory Maguire and Andy Newman  |  Ellen and Bill McHale

Creator Sponsors
Dinah Buechner-Vischer  |  Kim and Dennis Burns  |  First Rugs  |  Gunilla and Kevin Gorman

Partner Sponsors
Andrea Brox and John McCarthy  |  Casey Carlson and Bill Stone  |  Gloria and Charles Clough  |  LandVest Concord Real Estate  |  Robert and Sarah Le Roy  |  Mike and Robin Malouf  |  Kate and Mark Reid  |  Jerry and Carole Wedge  |  Deborah Yamin

Friend Sponsors
Charity and Tom Tremblay  |  Jack and Di Clymer  |  Ron and Holly Darzen  |  Mark and Abi Fletcher  |  Pamela Gannon and Dave Douglas  |  Julie and Cary Hagan  |  Mary Ellen and Mike Harney  |  Sheilah and Mike McCauley  |  Chris Mekal and Gilles Quintal  |  Rebecca Purcell  |  Debra Rutter  |  Patricia Satterthwaite and John Muresianu  |  Melinda Shumway  |  Carolyn and Eric Stein  |  Gary Vilchick and Elaine LaBrecque  |  Joe Wallace and Liz Chang |  Sven and Claudia Weber  |  Patrick and Kim West |  Lissa and Carter Winstanley