Sarah Bartolotta

Sarah Bartolotta was born and raised in Hudson, NY. She attended Arcadia University where she graduated in 2018 with a B.A in Art History. In 2017, she took a ceramics elective and a year later finally fell in love with the material. After graduating, she apprenticed for a year through the university’s studio under Gregg Moore and Polly Apfelbaum. She carried out research and experimentation of materials; specifically low fire clay bodies, slips, glazes, and a focus in Mason Stains. Afterward the year internship, Sarah completed a two year Artist Residency at the Worcester Center for Crafts during 2019-2021. During her residency, Sarah taught high school as well as several multi-week community ceramic classes and various workshops ranging in wheel-throwing, surface design demonstrations, and supplementary educational lectures. Sarah’s studio practice focuses on the balance of chaos and control using simple forms and detailed surface to express this balance.