Rob Riman

Rob Riman passed his youth roaming Lake Michigan’s upland ravines and paddling tributary headwaters of the Mississippi. Following studies in geology, a decade leading expeditions among remote alpine heights and through coastal backwaters from Alaska to Mexico fed a life-long penchant for wandering the lithosphere.  A later chapter building traditional wooden boats alongside urban youth, led him to graduate work and professional pursuits in architecture and sustainable design, eventually serving as co-founding director of the nonprofit Home Energy Efficiency Team (HEET). More recently, Rob grounds himself as a place-sourced educator, embracing regenerative living practices, while aiming to decolonize his own learning. Homeschool dad to two semi-feral children, and an aspiring student of the protector arts, Rob resides along a storied former estuary, above the lowest dam, on traditional land of the Massachusett and Pawtucket people (a.k.a. Cambridge).