Madeline Miller

Director of Arts & Environment

Madeline came to The Umbrella in September from Orion Magazine, where she served in various leadership positions from 2007 - 2021. Some of the projects she spearheaded during her time at Orion included Earthly Love: Stories of Intimacy and Devotion, an anthology of love stories introduced by Barry Lopez; Women and Standing Rock: On Sacred Water and the Body, a special section of writing and photography by Indigneous women including Layli Long Soldier and Camille Seaman; and How Long Has It Been Since You Smelled a Flower?, a special section of writing and visual art about the natural world by men experiencing incarceration, with Richard Shelton and Jimmy Santiago Baca. She also edited the Orion cover for many years.

Madeline is a 2021 graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School’s executive education program and received her bachelor’s degree from Evergreen in Olympia, Washington. She currently serves on the board of directors and the loan committee of Equity Trust, which works to address systemic inequalities in land conservation and affordable housing. She is an avid gardener, and she and her family tend a couple of acres with a big vegetable garden, fruit trees, berry patches, ornamental flowers and shrubs, and a half dozen noisy chickens.