Conor Pickett

Conor Pickett, teacher, has been working with clay for over 10 years.  After graduating from Eckerd College in 2013 and receiving a BA with high honors in Visual Art, Conor moved back to Salem, MA where he was lucky enough to get his first job teaching youth classes and volunteering at The Clay School.

In 2014, he moved to San Francisco joining the team at Clay By The Bay where he taught and led the operations and program development for 5 years.  Conor returned to the North Shore in 2020 and works out of the warm community at The Clay School sharing what he’s learned.

Conor's work is mostly hand built, soft slab forms that mimic the functional, but are often quite impractical when put to use.  His lack of concern for the function of a piece provides room for the whimsical and gestural shapes that emerge as he interacts with the clay.  This playfulness and freedom to explore informs his style of teaching.