Caroline Provost

Arts & Environment Program Coordinator

Caroline Provost is the Coordinator of the Arts & Environment Program, otherwise known as Musketaquid. Her work in the Arts & Environment Program encompasses many areas of The Umbrella. She manages marketing and communication for Ninjas Festivals, weaving workshops, and other fun classes. She plans community events, such as Musketaquid Earth Day and the Solstice Celebrations. Caroline also enjoys running Musketaquid classes in Concord and Lowell. You can attend Arts & Environment's weekly nature journaling class, where Caroline will teach how to draw a bird in flight or tree branches in the breeze. Work at The Umbrella challenges Caroline to think about the connections between art, nature, and community and how best she can bring these elements together in the Arts and Environment program. She joined The Umbrella in October, 2019. Caroline graduated from Georgetown University, where she studied philosophy and English.

Besides working at The Umbrella, Caroline reads voraciously and loves to talk about books. The next time you see her, ask her what her favorite book is. After expounding on how you cannot have a favorite book, she will tell you that, in fact, she does have a favorite book. When not at home reading, Caroline enjoys hiking in the great outdoors and carrying her mother’s iron up to the summit of New Hampshire’s mountains.