Dani has over thirteen years of experience in educational leadership, working in the Visual Arts, Special Education, Community Programing in varied schools, community centers, rehabilitation centers, health care facilities, museums for all ages. In 2013 she was recognized with the Big Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching, as a result of her work with students with disabilities. As a youth & family program coordinator she has managed all levels of art education programs from design to evaluation. Employing interdisciplinary, arts integration, STEAM, and project-based learning she has led and spearheaded initiatives for diverse multi-generational audiences.

Dani enjoys creating a safe welcoming inclusive culture that nurtures and activates every learner’s internal volitions, passions, and strengths by cultivating active learning environments with varied access points, opportunities for explicit and imbedded skill development, inquiry, creative problem solving, higher order thinking, metacognition, self-expression, self-advocacy, innovation, equity, mindfulness, individual and community growth.

She is an interdisciplinary artist working in various mediums including but not limited to paint, drawing, mixed media, metals, sculpture, movement, poetry.  She has published in digital and print media, produced for commissions, collections, special projects and exhibited her work in various local and national shows.

Dani is also the Director of Greater Boston Practice for Educational Empowerment where she provides educational consulting and advocacy services.  Working with partners she supports innovative and strategic program development, propels inclusion and equity initiatives, provides strategic direct advocacy, and ensures research, policy, and praxis align.

Dani earned a Master in Educational Studies, a BFA in Studio Arts, a degree in Women’s & Gender Studies with sHonors in Epistemology and Visual Culture, postgraduate training in General & Special Education, Educational Psychology, Childhood Literacy, Universal Design, Instructional Strategies for Students with Autism, Non-Violent and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. She earned a Certificate in Women’s Leadership Scholarship from the Institute for Women’s Leadership, Community Action Certificate, Certificate in Ethical Leadership, and teaching certificate in Radiant Child’s Yoga Level I & II.