Printing Without a Press: Lemon Etch Litho Workshop

This one-day workshop will introduce the basic principles of lithography, using aluminum foil, gum Arabic and lemon juice.  Developed during the past few years, Lemon Etch Litho is a method of using simple materials to produce small, beautifully tonal lithographs with or without a press.  Based on Kitchen Litho, this method pushes the tonal capabilities of the process closer to traditional stone and plate litho.

Litho is often considered a complex and challenging medium, requiring a wide range of materials and equipment.  This method shifts that concept around, using easily accessible materials.  We will create an image from start to finish, including processing and printing a small set of prints onto thin Asian-style papers.  We will also introduce methods of adhering our images onto backing sheets (chine collé)!

No prior printmaking experience necessary.  All materials are included. Please bring an apron. If you do not have one, we will have Umbrella aprons available for purchase!

Fee: $190 (includes $15 materials fee per person)


Materials Lists

Instructor will bring:

Aluminum foil

Litho drawing materials: litho pencils, crayons, tusche

Lemon Juice

Gum Arabic

#80 or #150 sandpaper

Plexi sheets (1 for each student; plus for inking slabs)

Bone folders or small squeegees for students to use

Oil-based ink

Ink knives

Talc or flour


Studio provides:

1 – 4” soft Speedball brayer per student. (I can provide about 6)

Tables for working (each student will need about a 3’ work area)

Cheap vegetable oil for clean up

Soap and water for final clean up

2 bowls or containers  (per 2 students)


Students provide:

2 piece of plexi, approx. 9 x 12” for image plate (if they wish to continue at home)

1 – 2 plain cellulose sponges  (not natural ones)

Gloves (for clean up: disposable or equivalent of dishwashing gloves)

Shop Towels (either a roll or a box; can get at any hardware store)


Thin Asian-style papers. (Yasutomo Japanese Sketch Pad, 12 x 18” works well; or other Kozo or mulberry papers)

Small container with lid for storing gum in refrigerator

Apron or work shirt


Image infoWrapped I, 5.1 x 5.6”, Paper size:  7.25 x 8”

Instructor: Carolyn Muskat
Carolyn Muskat is a Master Printmaker, who owns and operates Muskat Studios, a professional printmaking studio in Somerville, MA, where she creates her own work and collaborates with artists to produce original fine art print. She served as juror for The Umbrella's Fresh Ink exhibition, November 16, 2023 - January 4, 2024. Learn More »
Age range: 
December 9, 2023