Powered by Air: Mobiles, Pinwheels, and More

To celebrate the wonders of Air, the Umbrella Arts & Environment Program is offering art and nature activities like constructing mobiles, making paper crafts like pinwheels and origami birds, and crafting wind-powered sailboats.

Materials: Natural materials provided by the Umbrella, paper, scissors, and colored pencils.

Instructor: Abby Cramer
Abby has always been happiest making art and being outdoors in the sun.  She was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, and as a toddler would tag along to markets and write seedling tags in the greenhouse.  Eventually she started actually working on the farm, as well as making signs for the produce, which is what she is currently doing. Abby is back in Massachusetts after years studying in New Orleans and teaching preschool in Rio... Learn More »
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Students min/max: 
2 days
Tuesday & Thursday, April 20 & 22, 1:30-2:30 pm
April 20, 2021
April 22, 2021
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