Independent Study in the Ceramics Studio

The Independent Study Program is a way for students and artists to sign up to use the clay studio while not enrolled in a class. Built as a monthly membership, artists gain access to the Independent classroom, as well as the main studio any time a class is not in session. The Umbrella is committed to keeping one of these two work spaces regularly open for independent use. Schedules are emailed to registered members monthly.

Benefits include:

  • Personal storage space
  • Access to equipment including pottery wheels, slab roller, extruder, spray booth, grinder and hand tools
  • Wide selection of clay, glazes, and firing atmospheres
  • Quick firing turnarounds
  • Professional technicians to load and fire kilns
  • Opportunities to show your work, including our Earth Day Exhibit and Winter Market
  • Opportunity to connect and network with a building of 50+ studio artists
  • Freedom to bring in guests at no charge
  • Notifications for registration openings prior to public notices for workshops and class offerings
Age range: 
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