Gathering Self-Care

Winter, in the natural world, is a time for slowing down and restoration. As humans, we know we will need to have our winter coats and snow shovels at the ready. But, we don’t often prepare for how to warm and lighten our souls during this cold and dark time of year. After reading the picture book Frederick by Leo Lionni, participants will be guided to gather images, words, small objects and items in nature which will be used to decorate and fill a self-care treasure box on the day of the class.

Materials: Small cardboard box, modge podge or other adhesive, assorted papers, scavenged items. Minimal cost as I encourage participants to use what they have on hand.

The class will be all virtual over Zoom. For questions, please send inquiries to Caroline Provost at

Instructor: Therese Roeser
Therese Roeser is a social worker, mother of 2 and the artist behind the Instagram page @healingcrayons. She makes body positive collages to both inspire self-compassion and dismantle perfectionism. Learn More »
Age range: 
16 and up
Students min/max: 
Saturday, December 19 at 3-4pm
Saturday, December 19 at 3-4pm
December 19, 2020
Zoom Conference Call