Flower Basket Weaving Workshop

Learn some basket-making basics and create a lovely Japanese-style basket with a bud vase that is a perfect gift for any occasion. Choose from a range of hand-dyed rattan weavers in vibrant colors. You will weave a square base that is secured with twined reed, turn up your weavers in a sweeping curve and finish with waxed linen knots to fasten the groups of weavers around a small vase. The provided materials kit includes hand-dyed rattan spokes in vibrant colors, a twining weaver, waxed linen, glass vase, and a weaving template. Finished size: 5” wide by 4” tall.

Required Supplies:

  • 12-18” ruler
  • A basin or bucket of water
  • Sharp scissors or pruning shears
  • 4 strong clips or clothespins
  • Tape
  • pencil
Instructor: Kimberley Harding
Kimberley Harding is an Arlington, MA fiber artist focusing on sculptural work addressing personal, societal, and environmental issues. Long-time collector of broken and discarded items, she enjoys using materials that aren't perceived as fiber.You can see Kimberley's amazing work on her website.  Learn More »
Age range: 
Students min/max: 
Thursday, March 25, 4:30-6:30pm
Thursday, March 25, 4:30-6:30pm
March 25, 2021
$30 and Materials Fee
Materials fees: