Basketry Demonstration: Migration Exhibition

Join us for a free and open to the public basketry demonstration by Migration exhibition participating artists Louise Berliner, Jeanne Flanagan, Kimberley Harding and Lois Russell! Thank you to the artists for sharing their time and craft with us!

Louise Berliner - A writer and fiber artist, Louise works out of one of the Umbrella's studio spaces and will be presenting woven sculptural pieces that explore and embody her matrilinealage.

Jeanne Flanagan | MadWeave Creations - Jeanne has always been making things with her hands. With a mother who taught sewing and owned a marine canvas shop and an engineer father who built their house, barn and other buildings, Jeanne is always finding adventure in exploring both materials and structure. In 2010, Jeanne discovered sculptural weaving and has been almost exclusively working in triaxial mad-weave since then. The weave moves in three directions simultaneously so the corners create 60 degree angles. This means you cannot create a box, but allows the formation of natural shapes.

Kimberley Harding -  From her artist statement, "I always want to touch everything. I enjoy the physical sensation of weaving, coiling, twining and plaiting, whether its painted paper strips, rattan, twine, yarn, or other materials. I manifest these tactile qualities in the form of woven vessels. I love the diversity of shapes. Currently I am focusing on the traditional cathead basket form. The basic shape of a cathead is defined, but how the curves undulate is up to me. When I finish a basket, I need to hold it. Vessels are special because of their ability to hold things – precious things, mundane things, sacred things, hopes, beauty, new life."

Lois Russell - Lois Russell has been making baskets since 1988, and her work has evolved as she has explored traditions and techniques. Her work ranges from the traditional baskets to playful sculptural pieces. Her work "Routes of Migration" is featured on the exhibition print materials.


About the Exhibition


A curated fiber arts exhibition

January 10 - February 28

Curated by Jess Muise, The Umbrella Visual Arts Program

A major fiber arts invitational responding to the theme ‘migration’ including works by Louise Berliner, Nayda A. Cuevas, Jodi Colella, Merill Comeau, Nancy Crasco, Alexander Davis, Tica de Moor, Jeanne Flanagan, Kimberly Harding, Janet Kawada, Donna Rhae Marder, Valerie Maser-Flanagan, Lois Russell, Joyce Utting Schutter, Adrienne Sloane, Sisters in Stitches Joined by the Cloth Quilt Guild, and Ngoc-Tran Vu.

Instructor: Louise Berliner
Louise Berliner is a word wrestler and thread twister.She makes sculptures of words that sometimes look like poems or novels, and beings made of waxed linen, misc. threads and fabrics.Her writing has appeared in VQR, Porter Gulch Review, Ibbetson Review, The Mom Egg, Sacred Fire and various chapbook collections. Her first book, Texas Guinan, Queen of the Night Clubs, written in part thanks to an NEH grant, is a biography of a Roaring ‘20s... Learn More »
Saturday February 23, 1:00 - 3:00PM
February 23, 2019