Artist Talk: Jeanne Flanagan, Sculptural Weaver

Learn about sculptural weaver Jeanne Flanagan's process for making new work for Migration, a curated fiber arts exhibition. Jeanne Flanagan will share the process and techniques behind the new work she has created for Migration, a curated fiber arts exhibition presented by The Umbrella Community Arts Center.

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About Jeanne Flanagan, Mad Weave Creations

"Welcome to my world of mad weaving. The “baskets” you see on this site are built using a triaxial weave called madweave. It originated in Malaysia, China, and the Phillipines. All weaving is so ancient that no one really knows who started any type of weave. But I find this weave so challenging and absorbing that I keep on exploring what forms I can create from it.

I have been weaving for 5 years and find it both challenging and absorbing. I come a sewing and handwork background and with three dimensional weaving, I finally incorporate my engineering side. I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are lots more to be posted."

Wednesday February 13th, 7:00-8:00pm
February 13, 2019