Announcing Meghan Murray, the 2016-2017 Artist-in-Residence

We are thrilled to announce Meghan Murray has been chosen as The Umbrella's 2016-2017 Artist-in-Residence!

The Umbrella’s Artist-in-Residence program, which offers free housing and studio space to an emerging artist, started in September 2014 with Nina Earley. Nina is a conceptual artist who uses an endless range of mediums to convey her interest in mapmaking and memory. After her yearlong residency, she returned to The Umbrella as part of Mark Maker’s: Cameraless Images, a group show with resident artists Cynthia Katz and Carol Krauss.

The Tiny House Festival – A HUGE Success!

By Rebecca Cook

We all know tiny houses are hot, but on a recent Saturday in Concord they were scorching. And yes, it was one of the dog days of summer, but this event didn’t need the sun to sizzle.

The Umbrella and Miranda’s Hearth held the 2nd Big Tiny House Festival on July 16th. The Umbrella staff estimate that three thousand people attended this swirling, multi-layered, hours-long extravaganza.

Six Tiny Houses are Coming to Concord, MA!

Tiny houses have recently made a gigantic splash, attracting a lot of attention from the media and even starring in their own cable television series. The Umbrella Community Arts Center has joined the party, with two tiny houses on the front lawn for the past year, and the 2nd Big Tiny House Festival coming up on Saturday, July 16th. The event will feature over ten experts in the tiny house movement and six tiny houses open for tours.

Collecting Vessel Sketches

Suddenly, it feels like summer! As "Accumulations," the late-summer show of my year's work as artist in residence approaches, I wanted to take this time to remind the Concord community about a group-sourced artist's book I will be binding as a part of the exhibit. 


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