Artist Spotlight: Wayne Geehan

“I was never good at math,” says Wayne Geehan, a resident artist at The Umbrella. In his studio of seven years, across from a crackling fire in a brick-laden hearth—“painted,” he explains, “for a play”—and surrounded by portraits of swashbuckling pirates—characters for an aspiring board game—lay several stacks of books with medieval knights and castles adorning the covers. Wayne is the illustrator of the successful Sir Cumference math adventure series. The irony is not lost on him. “Luckily someone else figures out the math part.”

Wicked Local Voting!

The Wicked Local's Readers Choice Awards are once again up online.  Please vote for The Umbrella Community Arts Center in the following categories: Place to See TheaterPlace for Family Entertainment, and Summer Camp. We would be honored to have your vote and support. Thank you!

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  • Groups of 10 – 14 save 10%
  • Groups of 15 and up save 15%

Simply enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase in our online ticketing system and the discount will be applied automatically. All Ticket sales are final.

Remembering Ann Emerson

When Ann Emerson, the founding director of the Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts, died this summer at her home in Maine, the lights flickered for everyone who was involved in that brave undertaking 32 years ago which now thrives as The Umbrella Community Arts Center.

Ann was at the core of its creation, directly (as the director) and through the immediate and extensive friendships and trust that she engendered in her fellow artists and the Concord community.


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