Arts & Environment Book Club: Re-Wild Your Reading List!

Join us for quarterly reads and gatherings. Reconnect to the outdoors, to the printed word, and to each other through this open community book group. Books selected reflect the 2018 Musketaquid Earth Day theme, “Gathering Places,” and a sub-theme of Trees -- a focus offering rich choices for this first year of reading together. Share your thoughts and experiences via Facebook, or come to our quarterly Potlucks to discuss the book with fellow readers and invited speakers.

Spring Selection: The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring, by Richard Preston.

Age range: 
May 16, 6-8pm, Potluck and discussion with local arborist, tree-climber, and Wild Trees illustrator, Andrew Joslin
May 16, 2018
Room 110 - 40 Stow Street